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James Brown, the London-based hair stylist who made a name for himself working with icons like Kate Moss and David Bowie, has recently decided to pivot his career towards fashion styling. With a rich background in the fashion industry, Brown has always shown a flair for styling and fashion. Now, he's taking that talent to a whole new level. James has been contributing to "Self Service", "More or Less Magazine" and has been appointed as a contributing style editor, for "Tatler"​​.


This move signifies a significant shift in Brown's career, away from hairdressing and towards full-time fashion styling. He has been quoted saying that his work as a stylist has always been collaborative, and it's a role he's grown to love.


As an ardent supporter of sustainable fashion and a collector of vintage items, James has a unique perspective that blends the old with the new, creating a timeless aesthetic that is both responsible and fashionable. Given his extensive experience and connections within the fashion world, this new role seems like a natural progression in his career.

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